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Computing and Networking

UW EE’s computer and network research includes computer architecture and computer system engineering, VLSI, embedded computing, wireless networks, and wireless communication research. Several of UW EE’s computers and networks faculty hold joint and secondary appointments in computer science and engineering and teach jointly in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering departments.

Computer Engineering and Architecture

Operating systems, performance analysis, and testbed development, FPGA based computing architectures

Faculty: Visvesh SatheScott HauckMatt ReynoldsC.J. Richard ShiJoshua SmithMani Soma

Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)

Analog and digital VLSI integrated circuits, devices, and applications, energy management

Faculty: Visvesh SatheJacques Christophe RudellC.J. Richard ShiMani SomaBrian Otis

Embedded Systems

Mobile devices, embedded control systems, real-time systems, tools and networks

Faculty: Matt ReynoldsShwetak PatelJoshua SmithSumit Roy

Wireless Communication

Internet architecture, network economics, distributed systems, developing country infrastructure

Faculty: Vikram JandhyalaRadha PoovendranSumit RoyJames RitceyPayman Arabshahi, John D. Sahr, Yasuo Kuga


Network security, game theory, statistical modeling, machine learning and control and systems theory

Faculty: Radha PoovendranPayman ArabshahiLinda Bushnell

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