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Bachelor of Science

Electrical engineering is concerned with the understanding and utilization of electricity and with providing society useful, efficient, and economic products and services. It encompasses everything from batteries and power supplies to crystal fabrication, autonomous robots, and devices that can recognize human speech. Electrical engineers design, produce, study, and operate all manner of devices and systems that use electric and electromagnetic energy. They also work on systems at the macro scale of electric power grids and at the micro scale of nanotechnology. Contemporary society is in the midst of an information revolution, created in large part from the fruits of electrical engineering. Rapid improvements in communication technologies, computer visualization, and information access continue to have a significant impact on manufacturing, medicine, transportation, and environmental monitoring.

Outside of the classroom, students pursue internships and leadership opportunities and work on research with renowned faculty in one of 40 department labs. Real, hands-on experience prepares graduates to work for companies such as Intel, IBM, Agilent, T-Mobile, Verizon, Motorola, Boeing, Qwest, National Instruments, Lockheed Martin and more.


UW EE is the top electrical engineering department in the region. World-class faculty instruct courses at all levels and invite students to work on research projects. Located in Seattle, Wash., UW EE is situated in the heart of the innovation culture of the Pacific Northwest, affording undergraduates access to a variety of internship and entrepreneurship opportunities.


The BSEE program is capacity constrained.  Admitted students have an average cumulative GPA of 3.6. Applications are accepted from current UW students as well as freshman and transfer applicants. UW EE enrolls students for autumn and spring quarters only.


The BSEE program prepares students for jobs in industry or for further graduate study. Students complete at least one concentration area to focus their studies. All curriculum paths culminate with a capstone design project.


Information Sessions

Is electrical engineering the right major for you?  UW EE holds monthly information sessions where advisers provide information on admissions, curriculum, electrical engineering as a profession and more.

When & Where

Second Thursday of every month:

Direct to College is a new admission process that assures incoming freshman students who are admitted into the College of Engineering that they can pursue an engineering degree at the UW. The changes take effect for the incoming freshman class of 2018.

We are in the process of updating our website to reflect the changes. For details, see: